Hi, I'm a developer and maker from Berlin. Together with Max (opens in a new tab) and Clemens (opens in a new tab), I'm working on langfuse.com (opens in a new tab) (YC W23, repo (opens in a new tab)) to help everyone build great LLM applications faster.

I'm interested in economics, technology, and the intersection of both. Since high school, I enjoyed tinkering with computers and building things. After an undergrad in business where I found all data-problems to be extremely exciting, I did my masters in Computer Science and Innovation at the Technical University of Munich and CDTM. During that time, I got the chance to live in China, the US, Ireland and Mexico. In my short time in research, I dived deep on the economics of open source software and solutions to the oracle problem in blockchain technology. Before starting Langfuse, I worked at Google, DHL, Cherry Ventures, and startups in roles ranging from software engineering to product management and sales.

You can follow my work on GitHub (opens in a new tab) and I ocasionally post on Twitter (opens in a new tab). If you want to get in touch, dm me on Twitter or send an email to hi@